5 Easy Steps To Renting Your Car Out

5 Easy Steps To Renting Your Car Out

Whether you have a car hanging out in your driveway that never seems to hit the road anymore, want to start your own carshare rental business, or have cars you already host on Turo but aren’t interested in the day-to-day operations of managing your own rental vehicles—AURA is ready for you.

A little bit of management service, a little bit of marketing, and a whole lot of car share expertise, the AURA team can elevate your car rental game to the next level.
It’s pretty simple: Earn more, while doing less. All you have to do is let AURA guide the way.

Things You Should Know Before Renting Your Car Out:

Before you get started with AURA, we recommend you check out our rental car calculator. This will help you understand what your vehicles’ earning potentials are, or what they could be if you decided to invest in them. We also recommend to verify that your vehicle meets the minimum AURA requirements

In this article, we’re going to discuss:

  • How To Rent Your Car Out
  • How to Sign Up For AURA
  • Meeting With Your AURA Team
  • Completing Your Onboarding
  • How AURA Preps Your Fleet
  • Earning With AURA
  • Plus — BONUS: Perks of AURA


The New Way To Rent Your Car For Money

Think of AURA as a property manager for your Airbnb—but for your rental cars.

AURA members enjoy a completely hands-free rental experience, with AURA’s Operations Team managing your reservations, car cleaning and general maintenance, demand pricing, car listings on AURA’s Power Host profile, and all customer & administrative support. You provide the vehicles, and we’ll take care of everything else. What’s even better: We’ve made the entire process ridiculously easy. Here’s How:

1. Sign Up For AURA

To get started renting your car out, complete and submit a member signup form on our website. Alternatively, you may schedule a demo to verify if AURA is right for you before signing up. After submitting the form, an Onboarding Specialist will be in touch to set up a time to answer any questions you may have, complete some brief paperwork, and set expectations for what’s to come. Altogether, the onboarding process can take as little as 2 days, but sometimes up to two weeks—it mostly depends on how quickly AURA can access your cars. If your cars are in the process of being delivered or are currently rented for an extended period of time, it can slightly delay getting fully up and running with AURA. 

2. Meet Your Team

Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will guide you through the entire process of onboarding with AURA. From gathering the necessary paperwork to ensuring your vehicles are ready to rent and hit the open road, your Onboarding Specialist will be there every step of the way. Once you’re completely up and running with AURA, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Executive who will schedule regular check-ins to discuss your cars’ performance, fleet growth and earning advice, and all things AURA.

3. Complete AURA Onboarding

Your onboarding process is simple and highly tailored to your fleet. Your assigned Onboarding Specialist and Account Executive will work with you to complete simple paperwork, gather details about your vehicles, and give your vehicle description and photos a facelift, if needed.

4. AURA Preps Your Fleet

Our Director of Operations and Operations Team will work closely with you to ensure we safely (and efficiently) migrate your cars to our closest rental hub city. From there, we’ll continue to monitor your vehicles’ performance, monitor and maintain car maintenance, and routine needs; while you just cash the checks.

5. Your Cars Go Live with AURA

Now for the best part: Start earning! When your cars hit the road with AURA, your job is done. Every month, you’ll receive your earnings along with an update on your fleet’s performance. At that time, your Account Executive is available at any time for questions and will schedule quarterly check-ins to discuss ways AURA can continue to guide growth to your fleet.

BONUS: Perks of AURA

As an AURA member, you’ll receive monthly reporting about your vehicle’s performance. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated account executive who will reach out on a regularly scheduled basis to check in on your cars’ progress and performance.

We also run marketing to bring traffic to the rental cars on our platform. More traffic from our advertising efforts directly to your cars translates to an even higher earning potential right from the start.

Calculate How Much Your
Car Can Earn With AURA

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Membership Perks

Think of AURA as a property manager for your Airbnb—but for your cars..

Members enjoy a completely hands-free experience, with AURA's Operations Team managing your fleet’s reservations, cleaning and general maintenance, booking demand pricing, car listings on all of AURA’s rental channels, and more. You provide the vehicles, and we'll take care of everything else.

*Member & AURA share a 50% split of all vehicle parking and routine cleaning expenses.

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