Increase Your Turo Bookings

5 Ways To Increase Your Turo Bookings

Increase your Turo bookings with these 5 top tips most Turo hosts could improve on. Learn what you can do as a Turo host to improve your bookability.

5 Ways To Increase Your Turo Bookings


1. Step Up Your Photo Game

Photos tell a story, and offering high quality photos of your car helps potential renters envision how your vehicle might fit into theirs. Use photos to show off your fleet and your Turo business’ personality. Who is your audience, and what is your brand? Use your photos as an opportunity to showcase what makes your fleet unique and how your renter might enjoy your car on their next adventure. For example–Jeeps look great on rugged terrain, and sleek sports cars look incredible with a sparkling city skyline in the background. Photography style, location and setting, lighting, and photo retouching can all help shape your image and attract your target audience.

All photos should be appropriately staged, well lit, and captured using a high quality camera (your smartphone should work just fine!) Professional photography for your cars is a bonus, not a necessity. Having a friend or family member with an interest in photography is a great way to improve your photo quality, but most smartphones are equipped with excellent cameras that’ll give you top-notch photos.

When it comes to shaping an image of your vehicle to prospective renters, it’s important to include both high quality photos and enough of them. Turo’s algorithm prefers at least 16 photos: eleven interior and exterior photos in and at least five creative shots that showcase your vehicle’s unique features and personality. Bonus: All AURA members receive our 16-page photo guide with specific examples to help your profile serve

2. Make The Algorithm Love Your Cars

Cars with thorough, well-written descriptions are favored in Turo’s algorithm. Don’t be shy! This is the time to brag about what makes your car extra special. Think detailed descriptions are only for flashy sports cars and luxury rides with the latest and greatest tech? Think again! Economy renters want to know what your car offers, too. Reliability, economy, and spacious comfort are just as important to the right renter as upgraded sound systems, rearview cameras, and bluetooth technology are to others. According to Turo, renters are often interested in the number of seats and number of doors your vehicle has, if your car is pet friendly, information about your mileage limit, and instructions on how to use specific features (think how to charge a Tesla, or how to take the top off a Miata).

Don’t forget to build out all of your car profile sections, including pick up/drop off instructions, car features, FAQs, and add-ons. Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly what your car offers helps renters make more informed booking decisions. Don’t forget to regularly review and update your settings, too At AURA, our Account Executives check in with members every quarter to review settings and find ways to improve or grow their fleet.

3. Deconstruct Your Defaults

Your Turo account comes preloaded with default settings for your trip details and preferences. Dig into your account to optimize your settings to increase your bookability and attract potential renters. Are your cars available for Book Instantly, or do you require manual approval of each reservation that Turo defaults to? Enabling Book Instantly helps your cars rank higher when searched, and also increases your approval rating to help you reach All Star Host status even faster. Your trip buffer time, minimum booking requirements, trip notice, and dozens of other settings all impact how Turo’s algorithm serves vehicles. Be sure to manage all of your settings to optimize how your vehicles appear when searched, as well as how often your cars can be rented. AURA members receive one-on-one coaching on settings and offerings to keep your fleet manageable while increasing your bookability to prospective renters.

4. Show The Love (To Your Renters)

After every trip, you’ll have ten days to review your renter’s trip. And if your renter left you a review within written feedback, you’ll have up to thirty days to respond to their feedback. Reviews are double blind, meaning that you nor your renter can see the other’s review until both have been submitted.

Use reviews as an opportunity to share gratitude with your awesome renters, creating a personal touchpoint that breeds trust and can often lead to repeat renters. Your responses to your renters’ ratings will populate on your vehicle profile pages, giving you another chance to show off your hospitality and commitment to a great guest experience. Use friendly-yet-professional language to thank your renters, and always take the opportunity to invite them to use your vehicle again! Bonus: According to Turo, hosts who send a discount code with reviews earn 2.6 times as much as hosts who don’t, and renters who receive 15% off their next rental with you are twice as likely to book with you again. Consider sharing these discount codes as you build your reputation on Turo, or for renters you’d enjoy doing business with again.

In the event a renter leaves a not-so-stellar review, the way you respond to the review often says more about who you are as a host than the review itself does. Acknowledge any problems that might have occurred, mention any ways you tried to compromise or improve your renter’s experience, and meet their feedback with professionalism and politeness at every turn. Most renters understand that the unexpected can happen, and that you can’t please everyone. Meeting these reviews with understanding and empathy shows that you’re an easy host to work with, even when things don’t go as planned.

5. Let AURA Guide The Way

Everyone needs a little help, and you can think of AURA as an Executive Assistant for your Turo fleet. We’re here to help with everything above and more. We’ll help optimize your Turo account and car profiles, digging into settings that’ll help your cars get in front of members more frequently.

manage your bookings, develop streamlined messaging to renters, and manage all of your customer experience, including answering questions, assisting with check-ins and check-outs, troubleshooting, processing reimbursements, and more. You’ll be matched with a dedicated Account Executive who will help guide your fleet’s growth, offering advice, insight, and a point of contact for all things Turo—without the headaches of calling Turo Support.


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