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AURA is Different
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Membership Dashboard

Members have access to a membership dashboard with real-time earnings and reservation data.

Nationwide Fleet Cities

You're never limited to one market. AURA operates in major cities across the United States.

Total Management

We manage your cars & reservations from start to finish.

Revenue Share

Earn 65%+ of every rental dollar your cars make.

Featured Listing

Exclusive vehicle listings on AURA & rental marketplaces.

Experienced Team

Founded and managed by experienced Rental Hosts.

Customer Service

Dedicated, consistent support for rental guests.

Commitment Free

No long term commitments or complicated contracts.

Membership Perks

Think of AURA as a property manager for your Airbnb—but for your cars..

Members enjoy a completely hands-free experience, with AURA's Operations Team managing your fleet’s reservations, cleaning and general maintenance, booking demand pricing, car listings on all of AURA’s rental channels, and more. You provide the vehicles, and we'll take care of everything else.

*Member & AURA share a 50% split of all vehicle parking and routine cleaning expenses.

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