Renter Policy

Legal Information & Notices

Last Updated: June 19, 2023

This Renter Policy (this ”Renter Policy”), is applicable to each User who is authorized to use the Service as a Renter in accordance with the Aura Terms of Service (the “Terms”) located at TOS, which are hereby incorporated by reference, and to lease vehicles shared with Aura by an Owner and offered through the Service (each, a “Vehicle”). Capitalized terms that are used in this Renter Policy and not specifically defined in this Renter Policy have the meanings set forth in the Terms.



Please note that we may modify, supplement, revise, or update this Renter Policy from time to time, for any reason. We will notify you of material changes to this Renter Policy by posting the amended terms on the Service at least 30 days before the effective date of the changes. If you have provided us with your email address, we will notify you of material changes to this Renter Policy by sending an email at least 30 days before the effective date of the changes. You will be subject to, and will be deemed to have been made aware of and accepted, this Renter Policy as modified, supplemented, revised, or updated by your continued use of the Service as a Renter after the effective date of the applicable modifications, supplements, revisions, or updates. If you do not agree to any of the modified, supplemented, revised, or updated terms or conditions, then you should discontinue using and accessing the Service as a Renter.

1. Reservations

When you use the Service to make a reservation for a Vehicle (a “Reservation”), the Service will present you with a page confirming the details of the Reservation. By clicking “I Agree” (or any other means of acceptance presented by the Service), you agree to this Renter Policy and the terms of the applicable Reservation.

2. Personal Use

You may only use the Vehicles for your own personal use and may not lease, ride-share, or otherwise commercialize the use of the Vehicles. You also agree not to use the Vehicles in any unreasonable manner and to operate Vehicles in accordance with applicable laws. Unreasonable uses include drag-racing, competitive driving, driving in extreme or off-road locations, towing any property, or using the Vehicle in any manner that would endanger people or property. You agree to use the Vehicle, and each of its individual components, in the manner for which such component was intended.

3. Restrictions on Location

The use of each Vehicle is limited to the continental United States for now. As such, you agree to keep the Vehicle, at all times, within the continental United States. You will not drive it across any national border or otherwise allow the Vehicle to be relocated outside of the continental United States.

4. Treating the Vehicle As If It Was Your Own

You agree to use reasonable standards of care regarding the use and operation of each Vehicle you use through the Service. We expect, and you agree, to keep the Vehicle secure while it is not in operation, to park it in locations that are intended to accept parked vehicles, keep the Vehicle sufficiently fueled while in use, and to otherwise comply with all applicable laws. Pets are not allowed in Vehicles and evidence of pets being inside Vehicles is subject to additional cleaning fees.

YOU MAY NOT SMOKE IN A VEHICLE AT ANY TIME. We reserve the right, on our own behalf and on behalf of our Owners, to assess penalties, fines, or expenses due to smoking during the use of a Vehicle.

You may not make any modifications or changes to the Vehicle, including stickers, window shields, paint, or internal mechanical changes.

5. Authorized Drivers Only

You agree that you have reviewed and meet our Renter Eligibility Requirements as set forth in the Aura Terms of Service prior to each Reservation. You understand and agree that, for all purposes of the Service and this Renter Policy, you are the sole authorized driver (“Authorized Driver”) allowed to operate the Vehicle.

At no time will any person operate a Vehicle that is not an Authorized Driver. You will be responsible for, and will hold Aura completely harmless from, any use of the Vehicle by anyone other than an Authorized Driver. You must return the Vehicle at the end of your Reservation in the same condition as when you started your Reservation, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

6. Fees, Tolls, Charges

Each Renter will be solely and fully responsible for all charges, expenses or tolls incurred while using a Vehicle during a Reservation. You agree to promptly and fully, without contest, pay all applicable charges, expenses, or tolls. To the extent you do not do so, or we or an Owner otherwise elects to at any time, we or an Owner may pay applicable charges, expenses, or tolls on your behalf. You hereby authorize us to charge any credit card or payment method on file to reimburse us or such Owner fully for such payment, together with any additional expenses or costs we (or an Owner) incurs by making such payment.

7. Other Fees

Any airport Consolidated Facility Charge, Customer Facility Charge, Airport Transportation Fee or similarly designated charge (CFC) which is required to be paid by us or an Owner or collected from Renter in connection with this rental, for the construction, financing, operation, and/or maintenance of the consolidated rental car facility, other airport facilities, and/or transportation related facilities, and/or any other permissible use of the CFC under relevant federal, state or municipal laws, ordinances, or regulations, and/or relevant agreements, and

(b) The Concession Fee Recovery, Concession Fee Recoupment, or similarly designated charge (CONC REC) which is Owner’s charge to recover the concession fees paid by us or by an Owner to an airport’s owner or operator in connection with this rental; and

(c) The Facility Fee Recovery (FAC REC) which is a charge by us or an Owner to recover the estimated fees, charges, costs, which may include rent paid by Owner to the owner, operator or agent of the location being serviced by us or by an Owner for this rental or to the owner or operator of the location of the Branch Address on the Summary; and

(d) The Vehicle License Fee Recovery (VLF REC) which is a charge to us or to the Owner to recover the estimated average daily cost per vehicle of the charges imposed by governmental authorities upon Owner or its affiliates to title, register and plate all vehicles in its/their rental fleet within the state in which the rental originates and ad valorem taxes for the Vehicles. The VLF REC is not calculated based on the costs imposed upon a particular vehicle; and

(e) The Airport Pick-up Fee (APUF REC) which is the charge to us or to the Owner, to recover the estimated daily average cost to store vehicles at airport facilities parking locations paid by Owner or it’s affiliates to an airport’s owner, operator or third party operator in connection with this rental.

8. Fuel

You agree to return the Vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel in the tank as was present at the start of your Reservation. If the fuel is not filled back to the level present at the start of your Reservation, you may be charged to remedy the applicable deficiency.

You further agree that you are responsible for refueling the Vehicle with the manufacturer-recommended fuel type. Failing to properly fuel the Vehicle will be considered material damage to the Vehicle and you will be responsible for all damages and expenses arising from the applicable failure.

This also includes fully charging any electric Vehicle in accordance with any Owner requirements or manufacturer guidelines prior to completing a Reservation.

9. Maintenance

As a Renter, you are not responsible for ordinary or routine maintenance for each Vehicle, such as oil changes, filter replacements, new tires due to ordinary wear and tear, etc. Each Owner of Aura is obligated to maintain their respective Vehicles in accordance with manufacturer-recommended standards and guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the operation of the Vehicle, please contact Aura immediately at 972-581-9752.

10. Proper Care

Our business only works when each Vehicle is returned in substantially the same manner as when a Reservation started. This requires that each Renter take certain actions to care for the Vehicles that they reserve and use. As a Renter and at the end of each Reservation when you return a Vehicle, you agree to:

  • remove all personal belongings from the Vehicle, including luggage, cell phones, laptops, backpacks, ski equipment, etc.;
  • remove all disposable trash;
  • wipe down all interior surfaces, shake out floor mats, vacuum up loose pet hair or other dirt remnants;
  • fuel the Vehicle to the same level it had at the start of the Reservation, this also means charging if the Vehicle is electric prior to dropping off at the respective location;
  • if the exterior of the Vehicle is unusually muddy or dirty, driving the Vehicle through an automated automobile wash; and
  • fully inspecting the Vehicle prior to ending the Reservation for any damage that occurred during your use.

We reserve the right, on our behalf or any Owner’s behalf, to charge you for any expenses incurred in cleaning any excessively dirty Vehicle. Any failure to adhere to the above cleaning procedures may impact your ability to use the Service in the future.

11. Document All Damage

Before driving a Vehicle, you shall submit an inspection report including photos of any pre-existing damage through the Service. You understand and agree that, at our discretion, you may be liable for any damage that you fail to report before driving the Vehicle.

12. Traffic Tickets and Moving Violations

You understand and agree that you are solely liable for traffic tickets, moving violations, and any other traffic violations that occur during your Reservation, including all resulting fees, expenses, and losses. You authorize Aura to correspond with governmental agencies regarding your identity and other personal information if requested due to an alleged violation of law by you.

13. Driving Record

If you incur any traffic incident or driving violation that affects your eligibility as an Authorized Driver on the Service, you agree and understand that you immediately become ineligible and are no longer considered an Authorized Driver.

14. Service Fees

For every Reservation, you understand and agree that you will be charged a fee as specified when you follow the checkout process for the applicable Reservation. In addition to the amount due, delinquent accounts and/or chargebacks may be charged fees or charges that are incurred by us or our representatives in the process of collecting such amounts. If we need to contact you to collect amounts you owe, you authorize us and our representatives, including debt collection agencies, to contact you at any phone number or email address you provide, from which you contact us, or at which we believe we can reach you.

15. Authorization Charge

You agree and understand that a one-time deposit of US$200 will be held on your first Reservation and will be released back to your payment Vehicle no later than 10 business days after the end of your first Reservation.

16. Cancellations

You agree and understand that canceling a Reservation may result in your primary credit card on the Service being charged a cancellation fee of your one-time deposit, US$200.

17. Late Returns

You agree and understand that returning a Vehicle late, after the originally scheduled end of your Reservation, may result in additional fees being charged to you. You further acknowledge that if you do not return a Vehicle by the originally scheduled end of your Reservation, you will be charged for all towing, impound, storage, citation, and recovery costs and fees associated with your failure to return the Vehicle as scheduled.

18. Service Violations

You agree that any violations of this Renter Policy from actions taken by you may result in costs charged to your account, at our sole discretion, to recover all resulting and administrative costs.

19. Roadside Assistance

We may provide roadside assistance for accidents and breakdowns that occur during a Reservation. If roadside assistance is not available during a Reservation for any reason, or, if your own negligence contributes to the breakdown or need for roadside assistance, you understand and agree that you are solely responsible for all roadside assistance costs, including all resulting costs such as towing, impound, retrieval, and administrative charges, and that you may be subject to additional charges. If you reject the roadside assistance provided by Aura and instead utilize a road assistance provider of your choice, you shall indemnify Aura from any and all claims arising out of your rejection of Aura’s roadside assistance.

In the case of a mechanical breakdown of a Vehicle not caused by your negligence or failure to comply with this Renter Policy, Aura will attempt to transfer your reservation to a nearby available Vehicle. If there are no available Vehicles nearby, Aura’s responsibility in such a situation is limited to the portion of the Reservation price paid by the Renter that is attributable to the unused part of the Reservation. If there are no available Vehicles nearby, Aura may, in its sole discretion, reimburse the Renter for reasonable expenses incurred directly by the Renter and required to transport the Renter and any affected passenger(s) to a safe location within 25 miles of the site of the breakdown.

20. Location Risk

You are solely responsible for assessing the safety of any location where you elect to drive or park a Vehicle, and you assume all associated risk. You acknowledge and agree that Aura shall not be responsible for any damage to the Vehicle, any stolen personal property, any personal injury or death arising from your use of a Vehicle, including, without limitation, if such damage, stolen personal property, or personal injury or death occurs during a Vehicle breakdown or due to a mechanical failure.

21. Hands-Free Usage Prohibited

Notwithstanding the presence of any form of assisted driving or autopilot aid, Vehicles must be driven with at least one hand holding the steering wheel at all times while in motion, unless such operation is prevented by a physical disability as defined by applicable state or federal law.

22. Renter and Owner Direct Arrangements

Aura does not recognize or enforce agreements or arrangements made directly between Renters and Owners outside of the Service, and Renters engage in direct arrangements with Owners at their sole risk, notwithstanding whether any applicable arrangements relate to a Reservation made through the Service.

23. Insurance Claims and Reporting Procedures

  1. Insurance Coverage. During your Reservation, your vehicle is covered by your personal insurance policy. You agree that you have reviewed the Aura Terms of Service and are aware that we require all Renters to carry their own personal vehicle insurance policy that offers automobile protection against comprehensive, collision and liability damages. Aura and Owners are not responsible for any property or liability damage incurred during your Reservation.

  2. Filing a Claim. If a Vehicle is damaged during your Reservation, it is your responsibility to gather relevant information and report the damage and related circumstances to Aura within 24 hours of the incident. You understand and agree to report damage to Aura online no later than 24 hours after the end of the incident unless you are rendered incapable of doing so. You understand and agree to detail the full nature of the damage and allow time for damage or loss assessment, dispute arbitration, or remediation at Aura’s sole discretion. You understand and agree that failing to report damage within 24 hours of the incident and you will be solely responsible for all repairs and any loss or liability arising from the incident.

  3. Damage Fee. You understand and agree that as part of filing a claim for a loss, your primary payment card on the Service may be charged a damage fee, as specified at the time you make the Reservation (the “Damage Fee”), and that the Damage Fee is charged regardless of whether you are at fault for the loss, unless you have purchased a protection plan applicable to the Reservation for which the Damage Fee would otherwise apply. At the conclusion of the claim, a part of or the full Damage Fee may be returned to you should the loss amount not exceed the full Damage Fee or if another party is deemed responsible for the loss.

  4. Negligence, Misuse, or Breach. You understand that any negligence, misuse, or breach of this Renter Policy or the Aura Terms of Service may void your insurance coverage and that you will be solely liable for any damage, liability, or loss arising from your actions.

  5. Damage Assessment. You understand and agree that, in assessing any damage or loss, we will utilize the services of a professional vendor approved by Aura at our sole discretion or an approved vendor selected by insurance provider representing the liable party.